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“Isabelle is a bright light! Her dedication to the studying all aspects of yoga and her powerful practice are evident in her way of being. Isabelle is a clear, energetic, passionate teacher who will challenge and support you. Her great sense of humor and playfulness will help you be willing to try new things. Get ready to work deeply and have fun!”

Lisa Black
Founder Shakti Vinyasa Yoga
Senior Baptiste Instructor

“Isabelle is a natural teacher, leader, and community builder. I’ve had the honor of knowing Isabelle for over a decade and can say with confidence that she is someone who walks her talk as a teacher. I believe Isabelle’s strength comes from her steady commitment to self-care, people-care, and earth-care practices. The result of her on-going practice is an original and authentic way of sharing what she loves about yoga in its entirely. She does a skillful job communicating what she has personally digested in the realm of yoga, nutrition, and conscious living to students of all levels. Isabelle’s positive and playful energy is contagious and will no doubt inspire many others to expand their yoga practice off the mat.”

Melina Meza
Creator of Seasonal Vinyasa,
Co-director of 8 Limbs Yoga Centers Teacher Training Programs

“What a good feeling it is to say “I am a yoga teacher!” Going into teacher training just one year after starting my practice I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into. I thought I would learn all about the postures and their terminology. Isabelle Casey’s program way surpassed my expectations. She didn’t just teach postures and how to get into them, we also learned how to promote personal study, balanced living, and continuous growth that will carry me throughout life. I learned about the philosophy and the true meaning of yoga. Now that I am a yoga teacher I can offer support and guidance to those caught up in the illusion of what is and what is not important. I improved my physical, mental and spiritual health and developed self awareness. Needless to say I feel more complete after finishing the program.”

Tiffany Johnson
The Sama Yoga School Graduate, 2016

“As an avid CrossFitter, we focus on all the aspects of fitness. Finding yoga, specifically Isabelle’s classes, has helped me more then I ever imagined. I thought yoga was all about stretching. Isabelle quickly taught me otherwise. Through her fun and entertaining style of teaching, she showed me that breathing and focus are just as important as where you are able to go in a movement. She has a great way of explaining things that makes them simple to follow yet not patronizing. I still primarily CrossFit, but getting into one of her classes is the highlight of my week. Thanks Isabelle.

Chris Shewmaker
Crossfit KennesawOwner & Head Trainer


“Isabelle is an instructor’s instructor. She has an amazing knowledge of the 8 limbs of yoga and the body. She takes seemingly complicated and “unattainable” poses and breaks them down into the smallest building blocks. Before you know it, your body is open to more potential in a pose than you could have ever imagined for yourself. Therein, she is helping to unlock your hidden potential…and the beauty of the pose as an outlet for life is suddenly realized.”



“I started practicing yoga in its asana form approximately eight months ago to supplement a rigorous running routine. Isabelle’s class was the first that challenged me in both the physical and spiritual realms. Her classes are physically challenging, yes. However, Isabelle creates an environment in which the individual is held accountable for staying centered with the breath. It is through these breath-centered practices and Isabelle’s extensive knowledge of the philosophical practices of yoga, that I began to explore beyond the asana. She is approachable enough for students to shoot her e-mails with questions, and that’s exactly what I did. Upon recognizing my thirst for knowledge, she provided me with resources to explore my practice. She cultivated the yogi in me. Isabelle is particularly skilled in challenging the student to practice both on and off the mat. She is relatable, humorous, knowledgeable, and passionate. Her classes are breath-centered, but also usually focus on a series of asanas to bring the student to a more challenging pose. She is skilled enough in her practice of teaching that she can bring even the most skilled yogi back to basics, while also allowing the “green” yogi to explore the physical and spiritual benefit of the asanas- in the very same class. In her classes, she translates her personal studies into her teaching, incorporates her immense knowledge of yoga philosophy, allows room for growth and exploration, and incorporates a sense of humor and humanity. Isabelle is truly a teacher of yoga, and not of just asanas.”



“Isabelle Casey is one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have met.  She brings her knowledge and humor to each and every practice.  This combination sets you up for a fabulous experience. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to practice with her, you will not be disappointed. Her teachings will help bring more balance, awareness, and joy into your life.”



“Isabelle offers Yoga classes in an easy-going and completely non-pretentious environment. She is not only a yoga teacher, but a mentor; she gives personal advice and key components of Yoga that can and should be utilized as we live. She aims to challenge you physically, but ultimately, mentally and will readily provide modifications and help you build up to your personal goals. Aside from her classes, I mostly enjoyed her up-beat personality! You may enter her class in not the best of mood but will leave feeling like you can take on anything.”


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