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Food Is Yoga Practice

Good food is yoga practice…

I think that its a safe assumption to make that food is a strong cord among us equally as we understand how energy is universal. It nourishes, comforts, connects us to our environment, is part of traditions. For me, it is important that the food I eat tastes good and is grown in an ethical and natural way. Not laced with pesticides, grown in a greenhouse. I use this as an opportunity to correlate ahimsa to more than just how we treat our bodies while we practice or living beings with heart beats. What about our communities and environments. Extending this to the communal bigger picture shows up everywhere, especially our food choices. I thoroughly enjoy and am grateful to practice mindfulness when I reach for the squash I will use for my meal, and acknowledge that someone planted and grew this, picked it, transported it from their land, and finally arrived on my table. Its an amazing process that happens and I am grateful for the opportunity to eat really great healthy food and support the local economy one bite at a time.

I love summer for the main reason of taking advantage of the delicious foods that are abundant and local. The farmer’s markets are packed with an rainbow array of locally grown produce. I try to go every Saturday to supplement my weekly produce plan: what is not grown at our home, we get from our CSA home delivery. Then, what is not in the CSA delivery, is supplemented by the farmer’s market that I shop at every Saturday after the weekly “Rad Runners” (yogi-runners), group. We have coffee on the “Square”, then hit up the resident farmer’s market. I look forward to this every week. Its my favorite way to begin a weekend, foster community, and support the local agri-community. I love the Marietta Farmer’s Market. I’m grateful it’s close to home which makes it even better. Check the Farmer’s Market locator to explore other markets too. Super Cool.

heirloom tomatoes from 'the Square' heirloom tomatoes from ‘the Square’

Here is a Moon Flower varietal I bought a couple weeks ago. Its huge, gorgeous, and a perineal- which is awesome as I’m all about low maintenance. Low maintenance keeps it simple and lends to creating more personal time. Buddha comes to mind as he would open-eye meditate outdoors, staring into fauna. I love the idea of mindful appreciation of nature and have been inspired to take a seat outdoors.
Moonflower Moonflower
Farmer’s Markets are everywhere and popping up in smaller towns. I find the smaller towns have great markets because they tend to be near or in areas that have more land and have access to farms. The offering are streamlined representing the farms in the area. Just be aware to check if the goods grown are pesticide free and organic. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve pulled over to farm stands on road trips, seduced by the eye-candy fruits and veggies grown in that locale, only to be disappointed to learn that food was not organic or local. (I’ve been at farm stands where the produce sold, had stickers on it labeling from other countries. This is another topic in itself because factors included could be, but not limited to economical, import/exportations, low crop yields… topics for another 100 blog post topics…) I digress…


The lovely bounties have been the source of inspiration in my kitchen from smoothies, green juices, and salads to name a few. Here are some of the recipes to share. All the measurements are guestimations. Feel free to try them out and share what you think, tweak them to suit, or if you have your own ideas… Post your comments and let me know. I’m curious… Good food is yoga practice.

Super Green Salad
Super Green Salad
You will love this salad! Its a raw, delicious vitamin on a plate. This salad was inspired by the Emerald City Salad I used to eat every day. I have tweaked it below and continue to do so. This can be a main dish or a side. Its even better the next day when all of the flavors meld more. I also tweak the ingredients, depending on what I have on hand. Also a good way to mix it up and make this more versatile, which I love creative ways to get greens in my day. Prepare all the veggies & wild rice, then toss in a large salad bowl. Pour the dressing, toss again. Done. Serves 4-6

Lacinato Kale, 1 bunch, chopped

Red Chard, 1 bunch, chopped

Red & Yellow Bell Pepper, ½ – 1 each, sliced

1 Carrot, shaved (use a veggie slicer)

1 Fennel bulb, sliced

½ Red Onion, thinly sliced

1 cup of cooked Wild Rice


2 garlic cloves, minced

½  cup of Olive Oil

⅓ cup of fresh-squeezed Lemon juice (adjust the lemon & tamari to taste)

⅓ cup of GF Tamari

Green Cocunut Smoothie
Green Coconut Smoothie








I love having a green smoothie in the mornings. I love the texture from the coconut, it satiates, the taste and smell of the freshness from the orange and strawberries wake up my mouth. I don’t really measure, so here are the guestimations. I do change up the fruit I use. I always use kale or some leafy greens as a back up when I’m out. I’ve experimented with lettuce. Its good, but kale is way better in my opinion. Tweak, drink, enjoy!

4 oz aloe water

med orange peeled (try to keep the pith. optional & lemon is a good swap)

1/2 ripe banana (buy a bunch, chop, freeze for on hand recipe use)

5 strawberries (or whatever berries you have. Blackberries are so good).

1/3 cup of dry unsweetened coconut flakes

Big handful of lacinato kale

Add a good amount of ice to your liking.

Add the ingredients in the order listed, [to not burn out your blender], to your blender. I don’t add sweetener, but if you do, this would be the moment. This will take all of 10 mindful min to prep and make. Spend 20 enjoying the green smoothie.

Herbs & supplements are optional additions that I love to enhance my smoothies with. You may not need them; consult with your local naturopath or health food store expert for the proper amounts if needed:

local bee pollen

astragalus powder

acerola powder

maca powder



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